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WaveLight® Refractive Suite for Lasik Treatment

The WaveLight® Refractive Suite from Alcon is an advanced form of technology that provides the most customized, precise LASIK procedure available today. It analyzes the surface of the eye, taking into account its unique curvature and features. The surgeon can then use that information to adapt treatment in an extremely accurate way to that individual eye. The WaveLight Refractive Suite can therefore offer the most optimized, natural shape for an ideal visual outcome.

Other forms of LASIK procedures rely on the patient’s corrective prescription to determine how to reshape the cornea. Therefore, all of the patients with the same prescription would be treated in the exact same manner, despite differences in their curvature and the overall topography of their eyes. In contrast, the WaveLight Refractive Suite creates a much fuller, more detailed image of the eye, helping the surgeon choose the most effective correction to attain the best possible vision for that specific eye.

ORA System®

The ORA System®, which stands for Optiwave Refractive Analysis, is an advanced device used during the replacement of the lens of the eye in cataract surgery. The ORA System was designed to assist the surgeon in achieving the most precise placement of an intraocular lens (IOL) as well as to determine which IOL is the ideal type to fully enhance the patient’s vision. By allowing the surgeon to obtain a thorough analysis and measurements of the eye during the surgical procedure, the ORA System offers the most customized, accurate treatment options available. The end result is that it enables patients to enjoy optimized vision after cataract surgery, often reducing the need for eyeglasses.

OptiMedica Catalys Femtosecond Cataract Laser

Laser-assisted cataract surgery using the Catalys system from OptiMedica offers the highest level of precision available today for this procedure. All cataract surgery is performed to remove the cloudy lens from the patient’s eye and replace it with an intraocular lens to restore vision. But laser-assisted cataract surgery with the Catalys femtosecond laser takes the level of customization much further than traditional cataract procedures. It is the only laser system created specifically for the surgical treatment of cataracts.

Instead of just measuring and mapping the eye, the Catalys offers advanced optical coherence tomography to obtain much more detailed, high resolution images of the eye. Prior to the surgery, the doctor will take all of the information provided by these images to design a very specific, personalized surgical plan for that patient’s unique eyes. The Catalys system additionally features state-of-the-art image guidance technology that recognizes the various surfaces of the eye and generates safety zones that help the physician determine the optimal location for an incision and target the treatment area precisely.

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